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Northwest Style Raku

I'm Kate, a potter living in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest! 

AL and I make rugged, carbon-infused pottery for orchids 

using an ancient Japanese firing method called: raku.

Ceramics are taken from a propane kiln @ 1850* F and put into small buckets 

of organic cedar shavings 

and newspaper (printed with soy ink)

The resulting matte color is similar to charcoal and helps orchids thrive.

We're a small artisan studio 

that creates "homes" for orchids

and their colorful owners!

See our community and feedback pages...

Happy growing!


From the noble kilns of Japan

during the 1600's...

The Raku family first developed the art of taking ceramics red-hot from the

kiln then tempering them with natural elements: fire, smoke, air and water.

 Raku Kiln 1850* F

The imperfections or scars left on the pieces from burning

pine needles, newspaper, wood shavings & the welding tongs,

become the organic designs that make raku collectible.

The bare raku pottery is blackened from the primitive

oxygen reduction process while the glazes react in unusual ways.

The resulting patinas on glazed raku can change (oxidize)

over the years adding to the aesthetic value.

Modern American raku is not used for food or water,

but orchids and air plants love the carbon infusion!

Custom Raku O-Pot w/ Organic Style Tray

Unglazed Orchid Pottery February 2017