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Dendrobium Bracteousum -- 2022 Anthony in NY

orchid pottery,

Hi Kate! Her blooms have finished, and she's in her new pot! Thank you!

Connie --- Ft. Smith, Arkansas

orchid pottery, hydration tray

"...‚ÄčThey are so much healthier than they were a year ago!" -- Jill  in St. Paul

Hi Kate! Your well-wrapped package arrived in perfect condition today.

You might enjoy knowing that I am a granddaughter of Professor Oakes Ames, a world famous orchidologist who taught at Harvard in the first-half of the last century (among other adventures in orchid culture).

Anyway, your orchid pots caught my eye and I'm sure my grandfather would approve!

Best wishes,

Joanie Ames, Massachusetts 

Thanks Kate, for taking time out to answer 

questions about transplanting. 

I'm fairly new to orchids and Phoenix too!

The custom-made (deeper) hydration trays help!

Maurice M. --- Arizona

Kate, your pottery and spirit are beautiful! 

I was so surprised to find the O-Pot packaged with such care including the origami peace cranes, 

and tips for repotting my orchid.

I cannot reccomend your Spirit Line Pottery enough.

I will be in touch when special gifts are needed!

Suzanne --- Juneau, Alaska

The craftsmanship and quality of this orchid pot is outstanding.

Truly a work of functional art -- the best kind!

The care you take all the way to delivery is incredible, thanks!

Lisa --- Waterloo, Wisconsin 

Amazing quality,

more than satisfied...blown away!

FP --- Las Vegas, Nevada


Kate, The (custom set) everything arrived intact, is beautiful

and fits perfectly on my windowsill. Thanks so much!

Susan in San Francisco

My new opot set got here on time. goes w/ the set I ordered in '18.

I don't have a greenhouse,

but my Trader Joes orchids have crazy roots all over the place.

I water the pot more than the medium, 

and use extra gravel for more humid air.

-- Collins in Miami

Hi Kate,

...Orchids are all doing great!

The raku pots I typically use for larger, taller plants such as:

epis and tall, pendulous dendrobiums. They are very stable and don't fall over, even for this dendrobium ekapol 'Pink Splash'.

The (custom) glazed 3-leg pots are my go-to pot

for Japanese plants like: sedirea, moniloforme, and neofenitia.

In both categories these pots are ideal.

-- Charles H., Sacramento Orchid Society

            Dendrobium Nobile, 2018           Same Orchid, 2019

Hello, Kate,

Your drainage dishes did arrive, thanks, along with that fine mug. The mug is more than sturdy; it looks like it should survive our current civilization. I'm attaching two photos of the three pots, each with an orchid inside. Thanks for the distinctive ceramicware! 

   Best regards, Andrew

~ Ellicott City, Maryland

Hi Kate,

I finally got the time to look at the pottery you gave me. It's absolutely gorgeous. I found it to be simple yet elegant. I especially like the pots and the tray, but all of it has a beauty that I now appreciate much more than the first time I saw it. Thanks for sharing it with me. I can guarantee people will see it, and hopefully appreciate it when they come visit my garden.

Take care, thanks for sharing with me, and keep up the good work.

I hope our paths cross one of these days soon!   

--- Ciscoe Morris, Seattle

Author & TV Show Host: Gardening With Ciscoe

Hi Kate, 

have three plants in your pots now and all are happy (in greenhouse).

The raku breathes very well, so for cats, laelias, dens, epis, catasetums ... things that like their roots to spread and dry out between waterings, these are great. I don't think they'd be as good for plants which like wet feet, like paphs or bulbophyllums.

And I always put phals in clear pots, since they have roots which photosynthesize. But the orchid world is huge, and there's lots of space for your pots.

-2017--- Charles H. in Davis, CA --Sacramento Orchid Society

Hi Kate,

This D. Nobile has bloomed before (I've had it for a long time); but it didn't perform up to its potential. Last year, I repotted it (as you see) and changed some other aspects of its culture, and now it's going to town.

-2019--- Charles H. in Davis, CA

-Sacramento Orchid Society

Hi Kate,

My raku O-Pot and tray arrived safely and intact today. 

 It is so beautiful and, by far, the most functional orchid pot I have come across. I'll be transplanting one of my favorite orchids into it tomorrow and know she will look stunning. 

Cheryl P. ~ Concord, Mass

Hi Kate,

...everything got here unbroken...THEY WORK JUST LIKE TERRA COTTA,

only better...the pots are amazing, with thick sides, and heavy.

My tall cats don't fall over anymore!

~ Wade M. in Ann Arbor

Love the pot....looks so good on my granite with a white orchid in it. 

Thanks! -- Linda R. in Reno, Nevada

Hi Kate,

Just wanted to let you know that I got the package on Friday. Everything (O-Pots & saucers) arrived safely and I love the blue saucers. Thanks for all you do. You're pottery is beautiful and so unique.

Sincerely, Kim ~ in Laurel, MD

Hi Kate,

Everything arrived in tip top shape (great packing job)

I am very pleased with your handy work. I really appreciate the fantastic customer support.

Thanks Again

D.F. -- in Anchorage, Alaska

Fast shipping, great service. Heavy handmade orchid pottery to support tall, old orchids. Thanks!

-- B.Z. in Seattle, WA

i bought 3 sets of opots for use in our living room. the charcoal black color compliments the room better than terracotta. shipping is what it is. the opots are worth it, better than unglazed pots @ lowes or home depot only thin, cheap terracotta there.

~ Leticia in SF

Hello Kate,

Thank you for your message, for your kind words, and for your feedback. I feel the same way about your work ethic, professional demeanor and attention to detail! ~ BVG in DC

Fabulous! The raku orchid pots soak up water from the tray in 30-minutes. I can pour H2O for a quick soak, mist the pot itself with a sprayer, or dip the whole pot in water. Room at the bottom for activated charcoal as advertised.

Goodbye root rot...Hello gorgeous! Thanks Kate!

~ Bobbi in NYC

Hi, I love your orchid pots! Would like to buy 3 of the small ones. Do you ship internationally? I live in Australia.

~ Meg in Sydney (Sorry, no international shipping for now)

I do love your O-Pots, Kate.

You have made them simple and elegant in design.

I thank you also for your patience in working through the earlier issue I had--

(shipping/damage) now successfully resolved (sent replacements same day).

........... : ) Ann in Cincinnati

Dear Kate,

Like the raku pots... I love them! I do not think there is any orchid pots that compare with yours. Seriously, the style, color, and elegance are the best orchid pots out there in my opinion.

---Jason in Missouri (repeat customer)

hi- i just received the pots. thanks so much for the little pot. i needed one for a miniature orchid. the bigger pot is perfect.

~ JM in Kalamazoo

I recently purchased a bare Raku cymbidium pot. The pot was absolutely magnificent! Moreover, the size, depth, width and potting are perfectly

suited to Cymbidiums.

I have already ordered two more. I can't say enough for Kate and her pots.

A true artist!

---- L.B. in Florida

It was so great meeting you last night, and seeing all your wonderful treasures! Still can't believe I won the raffle, and took home one of your gorgeous raku orchid pots! Its sitting on our dining room table with the little orchid I also received. The quality and beauty of your work really makes a wonderful centerpiece! I can't wait to get more of your work, the rest of my orchids

look jealous! So great to meet you, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Ron G. -- Seattle (Member of the Northwest Orchid Society)

The matte black unglazed pots compliment the orchid rather than make a bold, singular statement that draws the eye from the natural beauty of the plant.

Amazing something so plain could do so much!

-- Steven in AZ

All I can say is WOW!! Kate custom designed a tall pot for my Japanese's plain black satin just like the "skinny quart" one online. We've been looking for a nice heavy pot like this for a while. It's plain, no gold embellishment or calligraphy. It's modern & minimalist.

~ Dharma in Seattle

I (and my Orchid) love our new pot!! It's gorgeous and gives great visual appeal

as a decorative base while giving my Cattleya everything it could want!

The air holes are a perfect size to allow air flow, but still hold the bark in (mess free!) Great quality, great look and functional!

~ Heather in Seattle ~ member of the NW Orchid Society

I absolutely love the new (raku) bowl I just got from Kate. It is gorgeous.

I have several pieces of her work and I have to say she's a very gifted artist.

Every piece is unique and beautiful. I'm a fan of her work.

~ Robin in Seattle

I bought a brown stoneware mug at the gift shop in Volunteer Park. The tag said it was made with local WA clay & helps keep the landmark building going. We're going back to visit my folks for the holidays will stop by again.

Rue in Cali

The custom raku Buddha plaque from auction is better in person. Took about 2-weeks from start to finish. We like the mat finish, though the double rainbow was discussed, very bold...different. Thanks!

-- V&J in Seattle

Thank you so much !!! Your work was a huge hit and lots of people took your cards.

Lucas raised over $3,000.00 ...

(for the 2013 Woodland Park Zoo Endangered Animals benefit auction)

and your items went for a little under $500.00 or so.

Thank you again--there was so much interest in your work--it was great.

--- JEK in Seattle

Hi Kate, I love my little ginger jar lamp! The cobalt blue turned out so pretty. It looks so nice sitting on top of my sideboard. You did a great job! Thank you.

~ Jill in Oregon

I was so pleased when my lamp arrived - just as I ordered it in a beautiful coppery-bronze with touch of blue. Since it is raku and formed by fire, I know there will never be another just like it. Thank you for taking such care.

~ Barbara in Oregon

I have recently obtain a vase made by Kate and I love it.

It is so unique and least idyl. I love it that it's not symmetrical because it gives it more of a one-of-a-kind look. You can tell she puts a lot of love in what she does.

~ Robin

Such a wonderful and beautiful midnight blue change keeper vase!

Thanks Kate for such a treasure piece that I will cherish for many years to come!

- J.J in Los Angeles

The small Raku vase on my desk has an undertone of copper with a weathered copper-green finish over most of the vase. The Southwest pottery piece is terracotta with a clear glaze on the interior and accent stripe of matt grey. Both items are very different from each other, but are of the same high quality from Spirit Line Pottery. A great addition to my office. I highly recommend Spirit Line Pottery.

~ Al in Seattle