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 Double Happiness Vases

Past and Present Works

We've updated a traditional symbol for

Long life, joy, prosperity!

Double Happiness vases are

'lucky' wedding gifts.

They celebrate successful unions

Professional promotions, retirements

Housewarmings and birthdays!

Some of these vases are available on our E-Gallery.

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Double Happiness Vase

'Seattle Underground'

From the 

'Locally Sourced' series

Stoneware with metallic satin glaze

11" x 6" 

Double Happiness Vase,

'Alki Beach Fire Rings'

From the 'Locally Sourced' series

Matte raku ceramic

12" x 4"

available on gallery page

Double Happiness Vase,

'Pike Place Tulips 1'

From the 'Locally Sourced' series

White stoneware with satin matte glaze

11" x 7" sold

Organic Style Vase,

'Gasworks Park'

From the 'Locally Sourced' series

Stoneware with matte clear exterior

+ sky blue interior

9" x 7"

available on gallery page

Double Happiness Vase,

'Queen Anne Counterbalance'

From the 'Locally Sourced' series

Natural matte raku ceramic, 14" x 9"

available on gallery page

Double Happiness Vase, #4

Brown Stoneware w/Distressed Rust-Red Satin Glaze

16" x 6"

Available on Art Gallery Page


Stoneware with gunmetal glaze

12” x 6 sold

Double Happiness Vase w/ Urban Blessing, #9

Distressed Brown Metallic Glaze on Coarse Brown Stoneware

9.5" x 5" Available on Art Gallery page

2017 Longevity & The Road Less Traveled Series,

DOUBLE HAPPINESS VASE #18, w/ Urban Blessing

Un-glazed raku ceramic

17" x 6" sold


Glazed Brown Stoneware

16" x 8" sold

2016 Double Happiness Vases for The Give Gallery

PDL Group Show @ King Street Station, Seattle

Matte black raku, 18" X 8" sold

2016 Double Happiness Vase

Gold Leaf on glazed stoneware

16" X 6" sold

2015 Copper Rainbow Raku Vase

16" X 10" sold

2014 Double Happiness Vase

Gunmetal Violet Raku, 18" x 6" sold

2015 Double Happiness Vase

Bare Raku, 12" X 6" sold

Double Happiness Vase, 7

Ochre Satin on Brown Stoneware, 14" x 8"

Available on Art Gallery page

Double Happiness Vase, #4

Rust Red Shino on Brown Stoneware

16" x 6" Available on Art Gallery page

2015 Double Happiness Vase

Gunmetal Grey + Ocher Matte Glaze

On Brown Stoneware, 12" x 6" sold


Stoneware with golden glaze

12" x 6" sold