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Growing with O-Pots‚Äč

The Simply


Orchid Hydration System 


Simply Automatic Hydration System?


  • WEAR GLOVES when handling any unglazed pottery
  • Mist unglazed raku orchid pot and tray with purified water as needed. Avoid over-watering directly on roots.
  • Keep purified water in the stoneware hydration tray if needed
  • Use less aquarium gravel to regulate amount of direct water contact with the air roots or pseudobulbs inside pot. 
  • Air roots can suffer from saturated, boggy planting medium. 
  • Know your orchid variety, some orchids need wet/dry cycles
  • Use more gravel to give air roots more humidity in the air
  • Use zero gravel for wet/dry cycles, 
  • MIST pot LIGHTLY with purified water if your environment is arid, like Phoenix, or has central heat in December like Seattle, or NYC
  • Add water as needed to hydration tray
  • The unglazed raku pottery will automatically wick water
  • Remember to wash trays as often as you fertilize

Your city's climate is a big factor in determining gravel use!

Think Phoenix VS Miami year round

NYC or Seattle in winter + central heat (very arid indoors)

  • More gravel = more water vapor to exterior air roots
  • Less gravel = more water wicking near interior air roots
  • No gravel = wet/dry cycles

We use the troubleshooting guide: 

ORCHIDS FOR DUMMIES, by Steven A. Frowine