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Paintable Pottery Ornaments

Paintable pottery is easy for kids and adults alike. Even younger children can paint pottery with adult supervision. 

Use acrylic (water based) craft paint like those made by Plaid or Apple Barrel.

These white stoneware keepsake ornaments also accept ModPodge. Elmer's glue, glitter-glue, regular glitter, buttons, stickers, and paper or fabric cutouts for decoupage!

Make a mistake with the water based acrylic paint? Not a problem.

Simply wash it off while it's still wet and dry with a hairdryer.

For best results wear gloves.

Use disposable paper plates for a palette, or a small plastic plate to wash (dish soap/water) and re-use.

A little paint goes a long way! A dime-size dab of paint will give 1-layer of good, even coverage.

Apply one thin layer at a time.

If you like what you see, use a hairdryer between coats to keep colors crisp and clear.

They're suitable for most holiday decorations. Not for use around direct heat, on stoves, around heating elements or where children can break them. 

Our handmade ornaments are 3"-4" tall, 

and will vary slightly.

Free shipping in (continental) USA

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